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Photo: Trip to the valley of Glottertal, "Japan Summer Program", August 2010
 Photo Competition 2009 


The main responsibilities of the International Office are:
  • maintaining the University of Freiburg’s international academic relations and contacts;
  • advising and supporting international students and scholars;
  • providing information on study opportunities abroad and organizing studies abroad around the world;
  • helping other departments and institutions of the University of Freiburg to coordinate their international activities.

For a more detailed description of our work, please read the Mission Statement of the International Office.


Postal address/ map

University of Freiburg - International Office
79085 Freiburg
University Map Map of Freiburg
Fax: +49(0)761 203-4377
E-Mail: io@uni-freiburg.de
Homepage: www.io.uni-freiburg.de


We are located in the administrative building of the Albert-Ludwig University on the Fahnenbergplatz, ground floor and 1st floor. You can reach us by taking any tram line to the „Stadttheater“ stop or bus lines no. 10, 14, or 27 to the „Fahnenbergplatz“ stop.


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