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Apartment search service of the International Office and tips on finding a place to live.


General Information


Private Apartments

The apartment search service of the International Office is available for international visiting scholars, professors, lecturers, doctoral candidates, and students, and helps to find suitable accommodation in Freiburg. For this purpose, the apartment search service of the International Office provides an electronic database with offers from the private apartment market. As the wishes and needs of international guests vary greatly, the International Office makes every effort to include as many different types of offers in its files as possible. However, we cannot guarantee success in every case. That means suitable offers will not always be available from the outset. Thus, the host institute and the guests themselves must invest a certain amount of their own initiative. The International Office can only provide information and a certain degree of passive support to guests in their search for an apartment. We cannot make visits to apartments, sign leases, or perform other active functions.


Guest House Apartments

The International Office currently has at its disposal 29 apartments for visiting professors and doctoral candidates in the student village at Seepark as well as 16 apartments in the university guest house, the Liefmann House, at Goethestraße 33-35.

Guest house 12 (for doctoral candidates) contains the following apartments:

  • Seven 3 room apartments (680.00 euros)
  • One 4 room apartment (795.00 euros)


Guest house 48 contains the following apartment:

  • One 1 room apartment (330.00 euros)


Guest house 58 contains the following apartments:

  • Seven 1 room apartments (309.00 euros to 329.00 euros)
  • Three 2 room apartments (551.00 euros to 674.00 euros)
  • Two 3 room apartments (745.00 euros)


Guest house 60 contains the following apartments:

  • Six 2 room apartments (456.00 euros to 507.00 euros)
  • Three 3 room apartments (592.00 euros to 673.00 euros)


As a rule, it is possible to rent the guest house and doctoral candidate apartments for a period of three months to three years.


Due to the logistics of leases, in most cases the International Office cannot officially confirm that an apartment will be available until six weeks beforehand. An official confirmation is always sent in written form to the visiting scholar him or herself and to the host institute.


The number of applicants is generally larger than the amount of free apartments. We have thus developed the following selection criteria for our apartments:


For the apartments in guest houses 58 and 60:

  • international visiting professors, scholars, lecturers, and (in the studio apartments) doctoral candidates
  • These apartments were funded in large part by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Volkswagen Foundation. Recipients of scholarships from these organizations are thus given preferential treatment.
  • minimum lease of three months
  • support by a German or European scholarship organization
  • contract of employment with the University of Freiburg
  • support by an international scholarship organization
  • self-financed
  • social considerations (number of people, native country, financial means)


For the doctoral candidate apartments in house 12:

  • international doctoral candidates and postdocs
  • with family
  • minimum lease of three months
  • support by a German or European scholarship organization
  • contract of employment with the University of Freiburg
  • support by an international scholarship organization
  • self-financed
  • social considerations (number of people, native country, financial means)


Since May 2003 the Albert-Ludwig University has its own guest house, the Liefmann House



The Liefmann House

was opened as the guest house of the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg in Spring 2003 following comprehensive restoration and the construction of an annex.

The house was owned by the Liefmann family from 1894 to 1941. The Liefmann siblings Robert, Martha, and Else were persecuted during the Third Reich as a result of their Jewish origins. Robert Liefmann, full professor of economics at the Albert-Ludwigs University, was forbidden to teach in 1933. Else Liefmann, a respected pediatrician and member of the city council from 1919 to 1921, was likewise forbidden to practice her profession. On October 22nd, 1940 the Liefmann siblings were deported together with all other Jews in Baden to an internment camp in Gurs in the south of France. Robert Liefmann died as a result of the inhumane conditions in the camp on March 20th, 1941 in nearby Morlaàs. His sisters succeeded in escaping and found refuge in Switzerland.

Their house in Freiburg was dispossessed and taken over by the Gestapo in 1941. After the war the French military police moved into the house. From 1949 - 2000 the house served as a substation for the Freiburg police department.


Sizes and Prices of the Apartments


All apartments are furnished and have a bath and kitchen. The prices include costs for utilities as well as telephone costs and the cost of cleaning the apartment after the tenant has moved out.


Studio apartment, approx. 40 square meters

560 € – 580 € per month


2 room apartment, approx. 70 square meters

720 € - 900 € per month


large 2 room apartment with gallery, approx. 90 square meters

1040 € - 1100 € per month


All prices are temporary and subject to change.

The minimum period for a lease is one month, the maximum period is six



Click here for an initial optical impression of the Liefmann House.



How to Find an Apartment,
How to Apply for an Apartment in a Guest House


You should first consult Ms. Weber on your wishes concerning an apartment. Ms. Weber will then contact you and support you in any way she can. Concretely, she will send you any available apartment offers which fulfill your needs and also inform you as to additional institutions which may be able to help you in your apartment search.

If you wish to apply for an apartment in one of the guest houses, please fill out the Application for a Guest House Apartment and send or fax it to us (we need your original signature). Our Leaflet for Guest Houses provides you with information on conditions of a lease and costs. Since the number of applicants always exceeds the number of available apartments, we recommend for you to search for an apartment on the private market as well while your application is being processed. The apartment search service of the International Office can be of aid to you in this process. After you have sent us your application, you will receive a letter confirming that we have received your application. Then, two months before the intended date of your move, you will receive a final letter of acceptance or rejection.




Private Apartment Search Service
Guest House Apartments – Selection Procedure & Extensions


Dunja Weber


Tel.: ++49 (0)761 203-4373
Fax: ++49 (0)761 203-4377
E-Mail: dunja.weber@io.uni-freiburg.de

Office Hours:
Mon and Thu from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.
Tue from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Mailing Address:
International Office

Visiting Address:
International Office
Friedrichstraße 39
Ground Floor, Room 00028a


What to Take Note Of


  • As a rule, the apartment search service of the International Office only provides assistance to international guests.
  • The International Office only offers furnished apartments.
  • After your search request has been received, it is entered into our database. Ms. Weber will then contact you directly.
  • If you have problems communicating in German, Ms. Weber will be happy to help you make arrangements with the lessor.
  • Leases are transacted directly between the lessor and the lessee. The International Office accepts no responsibility for the lease.
  • The International Office cannot guarantee the success of an apartment search.
  • If you find an apartment on your own, please inform the International Office of this fact as quickly as possible.
  • You may have to pay a commission for the services of a private real estate agency. You must pay this fee out of your own pocket.
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